About Us

Berklee Products P/L is a dynamic organisation with a primary focus on the development of quality innovative products to provide value-added solutions to the end user.

Berklee designs and manufactures exhaust systems and components for the automotive industry, both Original Equipment and Aftermarket, and a wider range of industry segments. The comprehensive range of automotive aftermarket products are distributed throughout the domestic Australian market.

The strategic intent of the Organisation is to continue to expand its portfolio by developing product solutions for new markets that satisfy the demands for a rapidly changing world.

Berklee’s commitment to excellence in product innovation and quality, from initial concept to customer delivery, is driven by a passion to provide world-class products that are environmentally-friendly and promote improved safety.

All business, quality, engineering and manufacturing processes are enhanced utilising Lean and Six Sigma techniques to ensure that each component in the value chain is optimized and our range of products are distributed in the most cost-effective manner.