What We Stand For

Vision Statement

We aim to apply our expertise to be the market leader in our industry, and to expand into new fields of manufacture, that will satisfy the future needs of customers and justify their perceptions of us as being rated amongst the best product and service providers in the industry.

Mission Statement

Berklee Products P/L aims to be a successful, long term manufacturer, designer and distributor of metal products.  Our customer focus is targeted at, but not limited to, the transport, manufacturing and automotive industries.

Key Values

  1. We optimise and balance outcomes for our Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Community
  2. We think Global and act Regional
  3. We are passionate about sustainable quality and safety through process reliability
  4. We are distinguished by our brands and product performance
  5. We value innovation and calculated risks
  6. Self responsibility and continuous improvement are fundamental

Code of Conduct

Berklee Products P/L has a formal code of conduct to guide managers and employees which is as follows:

In pursuing high standards of corporate governance, all managers and employees are expected to act with the utmost integrity and objectivity, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of the economic entity and to maintain confidence in the company’s integrity.